About Us

Doggy HeavenWe are all about treasuring the memories and lives of our most joyous companions and friends, Our Pets.

The are with us every moment, they are there to greet us, protect us and love us, unconditionally. We want everyone to be able to share the lives of their Best Friends!

I want to take a few minutes and tell you about this site and why I believe it is so important and should become a part of our lives.

Have you ever lost a pet and felt just like you have lost a member of your family? Well, you have lost an important member of you family, the pain , heart ache is unbearable and is exactly the same. It is a time for grieving and remembering. It’s o.k. to cry and be sad. It an important part of remembering your beloved pet. It’s time to step back and remember the love and joy that your pet brought to you and your family. That’s why I believe it is important for you to take this step to remember them. Like I said in the beginning, the love, devotion and joy that your precious pet brings, ultimately turns to sadness, as their Lives are So Short compared to their human companion.

I am seventy-three years old this month. Have you ever sat down and tried to remember every pet that you had in your life? At my age, it is daunting. I have had so many, dogs, cats, raccoons, goats, horse, pigs, chickens, etc. However, my predominate loves were my dogs. I grew in an era when cats were work animals, micers, and were not usually allowed as a pet. In my life, however, I have had many cats and they were loved, especially in my later years. Most of my cats adopted me. I learned that if a cat adopts you, you can not escape they will be with you! You must read about my “Puss-Puss” and her  travels with me.

I have had a dog since my earliest memories. I believe his name was “Spats”, because of his white legs. From there on I can populate the white pages with names of the best friends that I have had. Protectors, friends, lovers, companions, always happy, can’t wait to see you whether you are happy, sad, late or early. Their love is unconditional! What more can God give you?

Have you touched any “fur” today. Do you have a wet nose on your cheek this morning to wake you up? Did you hear any “sneezing” to let you know it’s time to wake and play. Was there a wet tongue kissing your toes this morning? Was there a “purring” by your pillow and some nuzzling your face to say, ” I Love You” . Perhaps they have assisted helping someone get well, a senior citizen or a child. If you have had any of these experiences then you know what this site is all about. 

If we can go to “Heaven”, the our pets are invited too! After all, what would paradise be like with out the love of our best friend and family our beloved Pets?

Have you ever wondered what the world is like eight or twelve inches off the ground, like so many of our babies experience, even for the ones that a couple feet off the ground. They are always looking up to us. We are their heroes, protectors and best friends. They never get tired of looking up to us or standing on their hind legs to be closer to our faces.  Have you thought about that before?

When our Creator gets around to sorting out who goes to Heaven, I must say that most of our pets are far better than many of the evil and bad souls in this world. Pets rank in the same priority as “Children”. They are here in this world to bring us joy and we must do all in our power to honor and protect them from harm and give them generously with our Love!

If you take the time peruse this site you will understand what this is all about. Please take a few minutes and look through the different sections and see what others have written about their beloved, children, family, their pets. Please shared you pets, love, devotion, and adventures with all of us, so we can enjoy remembering their lives along with you. I know you have something in your heart that you can share with the world. Don’t forget there is a “Humor Section” also. They are waiting, Mommy, Daddy…..